All About Parquet Wood Flooring For Your Home

Parquet wood tiling is a distinctive flooring option. Hardwood floors in general are luxury options that offer warm, cozy ambience. Parquetry, though, adds a touch of creative elegance to your rooms. You may have already decided on hardwood flooring for your house, but you're not sure about parquet tiles. Just like ceramic tiles, parquet can be used as a border, though it's more common for the entire floor.

About Parquet Wood Flooring

Manufacturers construct parquet tiles out of strips of contrasting wood in repeating patterns. The tiles can feature simple parallel lines or intricate designs. They can also be constructed to be part of a larger design. Oak is the most common material, but expensive exotic hardwoods are also available. The most common shape is square, but hexagonal and octagonal are also possible. Parquet tiles come in traditional floor tile sizes.


Parquet wood tiles are the same as regular hardwood planks in that they can come finished or unfinished. Unfinished parquet is more common when the repeating pattern is simple and not based on colour. If the pattern depends on colouration, manufacturers finish the tiles ahead of time. Unfinished parquet allows you to customize the stain to match your décor. However, finished parquet generally features a more durable sealer.


The installation process depends on the patterning -- parquet tiles install similarly to ceramic tiles. Contractors typically install parquet wood flooring using a glue-down method, which is relatively straightforward. However, the strips of hardwood, especially if combined with contrasting staining, can provide directionality. In that case, they must be installed with cohesion to the hard directions provided by walls and ceiling.

Overall Look

As Home and Garden TV points out, even the simplest parquet patterning can add a touch of formality to any room. The elegance of parquet tiles gives an aristocratic feel to any room. Such a floor is an excellent way to make a statement in a large foyer since its beauty makes a rich first impression. The patterning can overwhelm small spaces, though, so it's not suggested for tight, high-traffic areas. Besides the foyer, intricate parquet flooring is beautiful in formal dining or living rooms. However, a simple stain over a herringbone or stacked bond pattern can provide neutral foundation for eclectic, traditional or retro décor.

Parquet wood flooring is a likely option if you want to formalize your spaces and enjoy patterns. After having such a floor installed, simply be aware when layering on more pattern with your décor. For more information, contact Warburton Woodworks Ltd or a similar company.