3 Tips To Help You Raise Healthier Cattle

Protein is often referred to as the building block of life, and red meat can be a major source of protein in an individual's diet. Raising your own cattle can give you access to fresh beef throughout the year. Since the quality of the meat your animals produce is directly related to their diet, you want to ensure that your cattle are eating well.

Here are three tips that you can use to help raise healthier cattle in the future:

1. Let your cattle graze freely.

A balanced diet that includes roughage and grains is best when it comes to maintaining the health and condition of your cattle. In order to ensure that your cattle are getting enough roughage in their diet, it can be beneficial to let them graze freely.

Cattle will graze on grass, weeds, and shrubs throughout the course of the day. These food items can help cattle maintain a feeling of satiation and provide them with the fiber needed to regulate digestive tract health.

2. Mix in the right grains.

Once your cattle have established a healthy diet comprised of roughage materials, you can begin to add grains into the mix. Grains can provide cattle with a boost of energy. This excess energy allows a cow's body to develop at a higher rate of speed, ensuring that your cattle will be ready for slaughter on schedule.

You need to ensure that you are using the right grains in order to achieve the rate of gain you desire in your cattle. Good grain options for beef cattle include corn, barley, and some varieties of wheat.

3. Provide your beef cattle with a daily supplement.

Since your beef cattle can't grow healthy and strong without a balanced diet, it's important that you provide them access to micro and macro nutrients on a daily basis. While macro nutrients can be acquired through grass or grains, micro nutrients can be more difficult for cattle living in a confined area to come by.

A supplement containing trace minerals and vitamins can be given to your cattle to help ensure they have access to the micro nutrients needed for proper growth.

Feeding your beef cattle correctly ensures that they will grow properly over time. If you want to raise healthier cattle to supply meat for your family, try letting your animals graze freely, adding in the right grain products for energy, and supplementing your cattle with a product that will provide valuable micro nutrients.

Contact a company that supplies healthy cattle feed for more information and assistance.